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Flu Treatment in Greenville, SC

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Flu Treatment in Greenville, SC

When the flu season rolls around and everyone in the family catches the highly contagious flu, it can be a stressful and tough time for everyone involved. Most families turn to the nearest hospital for fast medical attention, but usually end up waiting hours before a physician is available. At hospitals, doctors can be highly impacted and it may not be the best option for those with the flu. At AFC Urgent Care in Greenvile, SC on Augusta St, our urgent care professionals focus on providing patients with timely and expert treatment for the flu. Our clinic is open during flexible hours every day of the week and we can help patients of all ages, including children and seniors.

Our doctors at AFC Urgent Care Greenville are highly trained professionals who have extensive experience in flu treatment and diagnosis. We often receive many questions about flu treatment and how to avoid the flu. Here are some of the common questions that we hear at our walk in clinic:

How long does the flu last?

This varies greatly depending on a patient’s immune system. Some cases of the flu can last up to two weeks, but severe flu symptoms are usually present from two to three days. Since the flu can take a heavy toll on your physical health, it can be difficult to exercise or move forward with your regular day once symptoms have gone away.

How can I avoid getting the flu or lessen the symptoms of the flu?

The flu shot is a great way to reduce your chances of getting the flu, but there are ways to reduce symptoms of the flu once you have it. Depending on the symptoms you have, there are medications you can take to help with congestion, fever, or a sore throat.

Can antibiotics help me with the flu?

Antibiotics are used for bacterial infections and the flu is a virus, so they are not a viable option to treat the flu. If you or a loved one experiences flu symptoms, it is important to see a doctor as soon as possible to receive the appropriate medical care and discuss options for treatment.

At AFC Urgent Care in Greenville, we have an experienced and friendly team of medical professionals on site that can help to answer all of your urgent care questions. Our walk in clinic also has laboratory testing on site if you require any blood tests and want fast results. We try to make your urgent care experience as stress-free as possible and answer all your questions when you walk in for medical care. In addition to flu treatment, our medical team can help your family with a large variety of urgent care services, from treating a cold to improving a sprained ankle.

Regardless of your urgent care needs, our doctors at AFC Urgent Care Greenville are ready to help you feel better soon! We look forward to helping you get over the flu this year.

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