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Bug Bite Treatment in Greenville, SC

AFC Urgent Care Center’s physicians treat insect sting and bug bites in Greenville, SC on Augusta Road.

Bug Bite Treatment in Greenville, SC

Throughout the year, but especially in the hot summer months, insect bites can be a big annoyance. While bites can vary in severity, it is important to have them looked at by a medical professional if you are experiencing pain or inflammation. Most families turn to a hospital urgent care center or emergency room for bug bite care, but are often left waiting for hours in a line. At AFC Urgent Care Center on Augusta St in Greenville SC, we provide fast and experienced medical treatment for insect bites at our urgent care clinic. Rather than having our patients wait for hours to receive medical care, we provide walk-in urgent care services- no appointment necessary! Our clinic is open 7 days a week and is conveniently located on Augusta St in Greenville, SC. We welcome patients of all ages and provide a large variety of urgent care services.

Bug bites are not only painful at times, they can also have more serious health implications. Mosquitoes can carry West Nile Virus, while ticks may have Lyme Disease. It is important to get looked at by an urgent care professional if you have suffered from a painful bug or insect bite or have been in an area with these diseases. Symptoms of bug bites can include swelling in the area, hives, redness, itchiness, or sensitivity. If you think that your reaction is more serious and life threatening, it is important to go to an emergency room for medical care.

For all non-life threatening insect bites, AFC Urgent Care Greenville on Augusta St has you covered! Our team of medical professionals has extensive experience treating bug bites and providing preventative advice to patients as well. We welcome you to walk in today for attentive and timely care at AFC Urgent Care Greenville!

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