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STD Testing in Greenville, SC

AFC Urgent Care provides confidential walk-in STD testing with same day results.

STD Testing in Greenville, SC

When you need comprehensive, affordable, and discrete STD testing in Greenville, SC, the experts at AFC Urgent Care Greenville are your one-stop solution. We’ve been providing a full range of urgent care needs since 2005, and are a convenient, affordable alternative for the medical care you need. In addition, we have a full on-site laboratory, and in many cases, are able to perform the test while you wait. We understand that when it comes to STD testing, it’s a personal matter, and embarrassment or fear can cause patients of all ages to put off getting the answers they need. That’s why we focus on providing compassionate, informative care that allows you to take the next step forward in putting this issue behind you.

Sexually transmitted diseases don’t discriminate, and regardless of age, race, sexual orientation, or gender, you could be at risk. Many common sexually transmitted diseases don’t even show symptoms, and so both you and your partner could be unaware that you’ve been exposed. Since people are often unaware they’re suffering from a sexually transmitted disease, they unknowingly pass it on to others, and the cycle continues. The only way to put an end to the cycle is to take charge of your personal sexual health, and get tested.

Don’t put off the STD testing in Greenville, SC you need for your own personal peace of mind, as well as continued physical health. At AFC Urgent Care Greenville, we test for and treat a variety of sexually transmitted diseases, and are proud to provide an environment that’s safe, confidential, and completely judgment-free. Whether you suspect you’re suffering from an STD, have reason to believe you might have been exposed, or you simply want peace of mind, having the answers is the most important choice you can make for yourself, and for your future partners. Call us or stop by today, and put an end to your worries!

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